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5 Tourist Attractions of Golden City (Jaisalmer) of Rajasthan

The history of India is so old that you can see it even on the walls of forts and temples. Especially in Rajasthan, the most exemplary architecture explains that the kings are both brave and love art. Every part of Rajasthan is unique with different kinds of art and structure of forts. But there is something special about visiting places in Jaisalmer. This city is famous for the name Rajasthan’s Golden City. The city is in the middle of the Thar desert, and this city’s architecture is full of yellowish sandstone with different beautiful Jain temples. The sun rays and the yellowish forts make this place more attractive and the main reason for Jaisalmer tourist attractions.

If you plan to visit Rajasthan, add this golden city Jaisalmer to your list. There you can visit many more places. So make your tour plan with LIH travel agency by booking Rajasthan Tour Packages and enjoy the top 5 tourist attractions of the golden city of Rajasthan with luxury accommodation throughout your trip at Jaisalmer.

Why Is Jaisalmer Called Golden City?

Jaisalmer city is in the Thar Desert’s core. Jaisalmer city’s forts and the town’s architecture are made up of sandstone’s yellowish color. The sunrays give this city a golden view when it touches the sandstone, and this is the primary cause of the city’s reputation as the golden city of Rajasthan.

Places To Visit In The Golden City Of Rajasthan

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort | tourist attraction of golden city of rajasthan

This Jaisalmer Fort is the oldest in Rajasthan, and it is on a hilltop above 250 feet high and amongst the top Jaisalmer visiting places. Due to its golden tint, this fort is also famous as a golden fort of Rajasthan. The Rajput ruler Raja Jaisal created it in 1156 AD. This is known as the enormous fort all over the world. In this fort, you can see different attractive palaces. Such as Moti Mahal, Rang Mahal, Gaj Mahal etc.

The interior of the fort is so eye-catching. The most exemplary architecture and the walls are full of creativity with different historical art, which will take time to understand. The forts look so magical with the golden color stone and the sun rays.

The fort, which rises from the desert floor like just an illusion, is a beautiful spectacle at night with its 99 turrets. The fort rises towering and proud, reflecting Rajasthani technology’s magic.

If you enjoy learning about history and taking photographs, this is an excellent location in the golden city of Rajasthan.

With this, you can enjoy some different things, Such as street shopping and some Rajasthani traditional foods.

Jain Temples

You can see these Jaina temples inside the Jaisalmer Fort, the Jaisalmer tourist attraction. On the value of archaeology, these temples are so old and still stand firm. These were constructed between the 12th and 15th centuries with yellowish sandstone, which is well-known for its architectural individuality. Additionally, you can see different kinds of paintings on the wall of this Jaina temple, such as different kinds of animal paintings, humans in different positions, etc.

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Patwon ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli | tourist attraction of golden city of rajasthan

This five-storied Haveli is one of the most stylish Havelis on the list of Jaisalmer attractions. The whole construction is made through the yellowish sandstone, which enhances the beauty of the Haveli. You can see decorations of lights, paintings, and different kinds of mirror works on the walls of Patwon ki Haveli. Further, there are six apartments inside the Haveli. There is an office for the historical census of India in two apartments. There are different craft shops in the two apartments, and the other two are for private homes.

Further, to get some knowledge on our history and photography purpose, this is one of the best places in the golden city of Rajasthan.

The Thar Heritage Museum

This place is at Jaisalmer’s prime bazaar.

L. Narayan Khatri was the founder of this museum.

At the museum, you can see the most delicate art of Rajasthan, the unique architecture, Rajasthani culture, and the history of the Thar desert.

Further, the sea fossils dating process tells the world that there was a sea replacing the Thor desert millions of years ago. You can see different ornaments for the desert ship and the horses. Additionally, different kinds of old documents and coins, ancient manuscripts or texts, and old weapons are some significant collections in this museum.

With this visit to the heritage museum, you can enjoy a nearby puppet show famous all over Rajasthan. Also, you can visit the silk art gallery, which is near the museum.

So, don’t miss out on these Jaisalmer favorite things while enjoying your holidays in the golden city of Rajasthan.

Nathmal Ki Haveli

This is a 19th century Haveli,

Usually, carvers build all kinds of forts or Havelis. But two Muslim goldsmith brothers built this Nathmal Ki Haveli under the command of the former prime minister. The brothers began constructing on either side of the structure, resulting in familiar but not identical insides.

Further, every wall has excellent decoration and is full of different kinds of designer paintings. The modern facility and the excellent outer carvings design make this Haveli unique from all the Havelies.

Nathmal ki Haveli and a blend of Islamic and Rajputana building structures combinedly make this Haveli more beautiful and unique in the golden city of Jaisalmer of Rajasthan.

By visiting this Nathmal ki Haveli, you can enjoy some more time at Rajasthani traditional shopping centers near this place. A combination of Islamic and Rajputana architectural styles, Nathmal Ki Haveli is justifiably regarded as among Jaisalmer’s most magnificent Havelis.


This golden city of Rajasthan is present in the middle of the biggest desert in India. Still, it is beautiful with different historical stories, forts, museums, etc. For photography purposes or to get more knowledge about Indian culture, this place is excellent for tourists. All the places are the major Jaisalmer attractions. Further, with LIH Travels, you can enjoy a luxury holiday at unbelievable prices. So, book your packages today.

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