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Gifts For Students That Can Be Given On National Education Day

What exactly is National Education Day? The majority of us are unaware of this day. It is a specific day of the year, the 11th of November, which has been observed in India since 2008. Now you may be wondering why November 11th is designated as National Education Day. Mr. Abul Kalam Ghulam Muhiyuddin Ahmed bin Khairuddin Al-Hussaini Azad was born on November 11, 1942. Who exactly is this man? He is commonly referred to as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

The goal of National Education Day is to improve India’s educational institutions and continue to raise the quality of education to new heights. It is also a time to honour Maulana Azad’s contributions to the education system and his struggle in establishing an independent India.

Here is a list of gifts for her or him that can be given to students on this auspicious day of National Education Day

A Backpack

A good backpack is necessary for transferring your laptop and other crucial things to and from lessons. This present idea is also appropriate for a student’s extracurricular activities, career, or first professional interview. Because many students are constantly on the go with their electronics, a bag with charging outlets might be a helpful addition. Durability, water resistance, attractiveness, and even some security features to keep their items safe are all factors to consider.

Stress Balls

Student life is stressful. There is tension everywhere: exams, class assessments, homework, yearly function performances, and assembly speeches. Many students cope by having fun and enjoying games, but some students succumb to stress. Stress balls, which come in a variety of styles, can help them relax.

Power Bank 

Students are constantly on the move or in a hurry. When looking for online gifts for students, one should always invest in items or gifts that will help them complete their chores and remain longer. The best present so far is a power bank or a portable charger. A power bank with all types of device plugs allows students to study and use their laptops and phones whenever and wherever they want, without worrying about a low battery. Students who have a portable charger or a power bank do not need to search for switchboards to charge their devices.

Bluetooth Speakers 

​​Bluetooth Speakers range in size from small enough to fit in your pocket to tubular desktop models. They make it simple to listen to favourite songs or audiobooks and sync with friends’ devices to share jams.

Textbook or Tuition Gift Certificates

This will vary depending on your student’s college, but many provide “gift cards” for tuition or textbooks. Because these are frequently the most expensive aspects of college, your student will be grateful for the gift of funds.


The organization is essential for success. You may help the student in your life better manage their time by giving them a planner. This crucial part of college life has the potential to make or destroy a student’s overall health. They can use a planner to plan their school, job, and social lives.

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