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Garden mower: For a beautiful lawn!

Garden mower, do not neglect it!

The garden promotes the aesthetics of a property. When well cared for, it generates a soothing effect. The lawn of the garden not only makes it possible to dress the outside of the house, but also constitutes a space of relaxation where can be practiced games or distractions in family.

In this sense, to have a beautiful looking lawn , there are various tools such as the garden mower. The market offers a multitude of models of lawn mowers. It is therefore up to the buyer to choose the one that suits his garden: manual mower, battery mower, automatic mower, thermal mower, electric mower, robot mower, tractor mower.

Models of modern garden mowers

Electric lawn mower

Modern lawn mowers, such as the cordless lawn mower, the robot lawn mower, the thermal lawn mower and the electric lawn mower make it easier for a gardener or a homeowner to take care of gardening or lawn maintenance tasks. . The main advantages are maneuverability and time saving . Also, each category of mower can suit the expectations of the user and each type of garden.

The thermal lawn mower is more suitable for medium-sized gardens. However, you should know that a towed thermal mower can cover an area of ​​1,500 m² to 2,500 m². Large gardens require a tool with an efficiency proportional to their size: lawn tractor or ride- on . The McCulloch 10.5 hp tractor lawn mower is, for example, recommended for people with a lawn area to be mowed of more than 2000 m². This McCullochmower has a 77 cm cutting deck.

Even a simple functional model can be enough for a small garden. However, the user can play on his tastes to choose the model he wishes to acquire. The electric lawnmower is suitable for both small and medium-sized areas. Once this type of mower is connected to the mains, you can mow your lawn with great ease. This type of mower powered by electricity is not only practical, quiet and easy to handle, but it is also easy to clean and maintain .

The robot mower, a revolutionary product

robot lawn mower

People who are busy all the time or lazy people can benefit from a well-maintained lawn without the slightest effort and without the intervention of a gardener, thanks to a robot lawn mower! The latter does all the work thanks to its automatic and autonomous functions. This robot can fulfill its role without risk, even in the rain.

With a perimeter wire that delimits its working area, this robot can move automatically according to a random movement to carry out its mission. The user’s only task is to program the machine using a keyboard with screen. This type of mower can be suitable for an area ranging from 400 m² to more than 1,300 m².

Classic garden mowers

For small budgets or those who prefer simple and classic tools , there is always the manual or reel lawn mower . The latter is indeed always practical and adapts to all uses. Its main advantages are reliability and robustness. In addition, they are economical and environmentally friendly models. The price of a mower of this category is very affordable. Battery mower models are also quite possible for small gardens. They are equipped with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery from 18 to 36 V. The advantages they provide are  ease of maintenance and silent use . There are machines in this category, whose battery can even be recharged in the sun.

In conclusion, there are models for everyone. Each customer can therefore choose outdoor equipment according to their preferences, the dimensions of their garden or even their budget!

Within the GSB as with a gardening specialist, you will find salespeople ready to listen to your requests. However, in specialized stores you meet qualified experts who go through training programs with manufacturers. They will therefore be more competent to provide you with technical solutions combining performance, reliability and all this while respecting your budget.

andersonoutdoorpower offers delivery, assembly and appropriate training for easy use of your equipment. You are thus serene and safe.


You will find in large DIY stores a selection of brands that offer you an interesting price range. But the specialists offer you leading brands selected for their reliability and the excellence of their equipment.

After-sales service

Among the specialists, the quality of the products is recognized and proven,

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