Floor Sanding, Floor Planning And Finishing

At Gulvkbh, we offer floor sanding – including planning and varnishing of floors. We have many years of experience with floor sanding, and we make sure that our floor work lives up to our high standard and your corresponding expectations. In short: Then we turn worn wooden floors into beautiful wooden floors. We can e.g. recreate the floor as it was where it was new – or we can give floors a new look with varnishing. Among other things, we make floor sanding and planning in connection with the preparation of flats when moving in or out. Therefore, if you are in a moving-in or moving-out apartment where the floor needs to be sand. Please contact us for a non-binding offer.

You can fill in our contact form and give a short description of the project, the desired start date, etc. The more detailed you can be about the project, the more accurately we can come up with an offer. But if you are in doubt about the exact execution of the project, we will be happy to come out and look at the floor. With our many years of experience in the industry, you are at least guaranteed advice and floor sanding in the highest quality.

At Gulvkbh, we also offer wall preparation – with felt and putty – as well as all painting work and thorough cleaning. You therefore hardly need to involve more professionals in a possible renovation of your apartment.

Everything in floor sanding in Copenhagen

If you are looking for a floor sander in Copenhagen or the surrounding area, you must contact us at Gulvkbh. We are located in Roskilde, but we also offer floor sanding and floor work throughout Greater Copenhagen and the surrounding area. If you therefore need a floor sander in Copenhagen, do not hesitate to contact us.

Over time, we have had many returning customers in the area – but also in general. We think this is because we are always very quality-conscious, and therefore we never hand over a floor that we can not 100% guarantee. Our many customers over time have also always been very happy and satisfied with the result after a floor sanding. The floor becomes noticeably nicer, and therefore the home also appears more inviting after a Gulvafslibning.

Floor sanding – options

Of course, there are different things we are aware of in connection with a floor sanding: 

  • How many square meters of floor should be sanded?
  • How rough should the floor sanding be? Is it a light, ordinary or a definite floor planning?
  • What type of varnishing and treatment – if agreed – should be used? Oil, lye or varnish?
  • Must be sanded on steps, door steps or other places

Should the floor sanding be done in connection with other painting work?

Regardless of the circumstances, we naturally make sure that our floor work and floor sanding is carried out in accordance with the agreement we make with you. Once the work is done, you can clearly see the difference. The floor gets new life and a nicer look, which you immediately notice when you see your new floor for the first time after a floor sanding.

A floor sanding is also an investment in your home. Should the floor e.g. sanded in connection with a move in or move out, you also make the home more attractive? In addition, a floor sanding ensures that the floor lasts longer, as the surface of the floor becomes more resistant to wear and dirt.

Sanding of wooden terrace in Copenhagen

Does the wooden terrace need sanding? At Gulvkbh, we also offer sanding of wooden terraces in Copenhagen – including finishing. With a thorough sanding, we make sure that your wooden terrace will look like new, just as we remove all algae growth as well as any traces of use. To achieve the nicest and most durable result, it is important to use dry weather for a few consecutive days, so that the finishing and hardening have the best conditions. Therefore, we of course keep an eye on the weather forecast before we start sanding wooden terraces. If you therefore want to renew your wooden terrace with a professional floor sanding, you can feel free to contact us.

Ready to get a quote on your floor sanding or other floor work

Tell us a little about your floor task or other tasks in connection with the renovation and preparation of an apartment or house when moving out – and we will return with an offer as soon as possible. If it’s urgent, call +45 27 40 50 60.

  • Sanding floors
  • Planing of floors
  • Painting of wooden floors
  • Varnishing of floors
  • Lye treatment of floors
  • Oil or soap treatment of floors

At Gulvkbh, we also offer wall preparation – with felt and putty – as well as all painting work and thorough cleaning. You therefore hardly need to involve more professionals in a possible renovation of your apartment.

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