Evening Desert Safari – A Complete Thrilling Tour at Reduced Price

Experience the evening desert safari in Dubai with adventurous sand activities. On high red dunes, live entertainment shows and BBQ buffet dinner. All these remarkable actions appear in the affordable package. That costs 35 AED only if you’re touring Dubai or any region of UAE with a restricted allowance. We are gonna tell you one f the best tour in UAE. This is excellent for you, wherein 10$ or 35 Dirhams only. You can encounter the whole 6-hours tour at the same price.

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However, we also enable you to understand. Where you can attain a high quality of assistance at a small rate. The justification is Happy Desert Safari. Which is a decent and wallet-friendly tour operating company in the United Arab Emirates. They allow you to appreciate your UAE excursions heartily throughout the voyage. Amassing the wallet-friendly packages. You can visit the site given above.

Your trip begins at 3 PM, in the afternoon. However, the standard area in the Arabian desert. Which is tremendous for its huge inclusions. Encompassing courageous desert actions, twinkling live entertainment events. Besides, at a Bedouin campsite, outstanding set up of BBQ buffet dinner with veg and non-veg selections. Along with endless refreshments after arrival and hot or cold beverages. Which was broadcasted to all travellers or visitors.

What does Evening Desert Safari provide to Limited Budget Keepers?

There are many packages in the evening desert safari. All are planned for the afternoon and evening or nighttime. You are absorbed in goals. Like two amazing tours in demand, i-e Evening desert safari or overnight desert safari in Dubai. Which you memorize to discern with a flavorful BBQ buffet dinner and 8 live entertainment executions. All things happen in the Bedouin camp.

Appoint the expedition of your probability retired valuable hours. Several desert safari trips are organized every hour. Including morning, overnight, early morning or evening desert safari hours are unique. If you need to obtain a 30% rebate on your introductory reservation.

Exciting Desert Activities:

You may be modern to visit Dubai and do not indicate. To wander around the valuable city of the United Arab Emirates. We acquired you, for this our skilled drivers will achieve you from your hotel or doorstep.

Also, we furnish an airconditioned bus with outstanding pick and drop services to the Arabian desert interval. Where you will get to confront adventurous sand recreations on the high dunes f Arabia.


Dune bashing is the large undergoing activity on the elevated red Arabian dunes. You will get to encounter this under the management of specialists and authorities. You can customize the interval with an additional payment. However, the ordinary interval is 20-35 minutes.

Dune Bashing is wholly comfortable to adventure. Because it appears with a roll cage cloak and excellent security. But for some travellers, dune bashing might be not a tremendous notion. Comprising pregnant women, aged citizens or people having heart or back difficulties.


Camel riding is popular since the ahead Arab days. In this session, you will get to amend the old Bedouin lifestyle. Along with some great delight, reception and delicious food. Likewise, you will reap a quick or long Camel ride as per your need.

On the additional aspect, appreciate the sandboarding training on the enormous red Arabian dunes. Where the modern sand boards are ready to glide your fantasies to the entertainment.

3. ATV Quad Bike Or Dune Buggy:

These adult rides are discretionary if hope to encounter the additional thrill. You can relish the ride with an additional payment. However, you will obtain to give safety equipment. Such as helmets, knee or elbow pads. Along with detailed competent training.

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Bedouin Camp Services:

Once you completed encountering the courageous sand activities. The other stage is to allow you to join the Bedouin camp activities. Where the Bedouin camp atmosphere provides you with an instant feel of Arabian culture.

Also, you will have available and unconditional admission to appreciate free refreshments. Including coffee, Arabian coffee, tea, cold drinks, fries & Shwarma. Also, you will get to appreciate some free services.

Such as Henna tattooing, sunset photography and Arabian costume photography. Which is accessible to everyone. All you desire to do is wear Arabian dresses, pose and capture candidate pictures.

1. Liv Entertainment Shows:

Then, you will bring to admire eight incredible live entertainment shows. Where the worldwide artists conduct shows back to back. This provokes the world fascinated. Including belly dancing, LED Tanoura shows, fire playing stunts and Zumba dance.

To those travellers who don’t understand but the Middle Eastern civilization is well-known. Because of the entertaining Belly dancing. For this several worldwide visitors appear in UAE to relish the belly dance shows.

 2. BBQ Buffet Dinner

Finally, your evening desert safari tour finishes up by amassing a BBQ buffet dinner. Which reaches a broad range of alternatives for veg and non-veg foods. Another enormity is the nicest chef in Dubai readies the buffet dinner. So the visitors can appreciate the food along with thrill and entertainment.

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After the feast, the faculty will drop you at the area. Where they grabbed you up ahead. Hope you appreciate the read if you’re scheduling to appear in UAE. Must try evening desert safari Dubai from Happy Desert Safari. Because they are value your hard-earned money.

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