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Esports Betting Guide – How to Bet?

Esports betting has become popular over the past decade as competitive online gaming has grown. Initially, people just wanted to play the game 메이저놀이터, but as it evolved, they also wanted to bet on it.

Our Esports betting guide will help you understand how the game works and how to bet on Esports. There are new releases almost every month, but the most popular games are usually older games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Starcraft, and more.

Newer games like Fortnite have exploded in popularity, but Esports games with a long history are still the most wagered games. Like all gambling, Esports betting also has certain rules, which you can learn more about in the following paragraphs.

Esports betting rules

Importantly, each operator can set their own Esports betting rules. Therefore, you should always check all operator terms thoroughly before depositing money and starting betting.

There are many Esports betting sites 메이저놀이터 worldwide, but we decided to show you some of the most common rules on the top Esports betting sites. After reading this page, we will tell you more interesting information.


Rule 1

  •  Bets will continue even if the match is promoted on the wrong date.

Rule 2

  • All bets will be refunded if a team leaves before the tournament starts.

Rule 3

  • Bets stand even if a team or player is disqualified.

Rule 4

  • Bets stand even if the player name or team name is misspelt.

Rule 5

  • If the team is changed before the match starts, all bets will be void, but bets will stand if the change is made during the match.

Rule 6

  • The Platform reserves the right to cancel bets if it suspects that it has received inside information regarding the outcome of a bet.

Remember that no standard Esports betting rule applies to all operators worldwide so that the rules may vary slightly from one operator to another. No standard Esports betting rule applies to all operators worldwide, so that each operator may have slightly different rules. Before placing your bets, you should check each operator.

Betting type

The types of Esports betting are not that different from other sports betting, but there are some minor differences in the names of the bets thanks to the diverse terminology. You can bet on match and tournament winners, and the bets have the same names as in other sports.


But take “first blood,” for example, a term that means “preemptive strike” in electronic games. In soccer, it is the ‘first goal,’ so the bets don’t change much. To win a video game bet, you have to be a video game fan, just as if you want to win money at soccer betting, you have to be a soccer fan. Every Esport betting site offers various bets and games, so hopefully, you’ll find something you like.


Bet type

  • Tournament winner

This is the most common bet. You can bet on any player and maximize your winnings by betting at the tournament’s start (or before).


Another super easy and popular bet. Of course, bet on the winner of the match in question.

First map

  • Often seen in shooting games where the map changes frequently.

First Blood/First Kill

This is a very dynamic and unpredictable bet with excellent odds. Bet on who gets the first kill.


Odds and even bets allow you to bet on anything from how many games a team will win to how many kills a player will have in a single game. Bet on either odds or even.


  • A bet that the team’s score will fall between X or higher and Y or lower.


A handicap is a complex bet that allows you to stack more profits even when betting on the obvious match outcome.

  • Accumulator A bet on multiple games or matches that always wins with a satisfying prize.


This is similar to a complex accumulator bet, as you bet on many options. You can find various betting systems online.

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