Do you think the Erectile dysfunction test be performed in the comfort of your own home?


Erectile dysfunction is a widely recognized sexual disorder that results in the inability of maintaining or obtaining erections during sexual relations. 

The procedure of erection is straightforward, your brain communicates to your body to increase blood flow to your arousal, and to make the penis stiff for erection. There are occasions when a woman isn’t in a position to get an erection after being stimulated.

The erection can become too soft or short that it’s not enough to provide a satisfying sexual experience. A test for erectile dysfunction at home can help determine if you are suffering from ED issues or if you are not all on your own with no assistance. Fildena helps to treat ED in men.

What are the reasons people do tests like an Erectile Dysfunction test?

Erectile dysfunction is used to identify the most frequent symptoms of ED in the body. It is done to establish a clear understanding of whether someone is having issues with erections. Through these tests, people gain a sense of their sexual problems and their correct treatment in the future.

Typically the tests for erectile dysfunction are performed by men who are unable to have a satisfying sexual interaction. If a man isn’t in a position to please his partner, it is a direct indication to him if he suffers from a sexual disorder or not?

If you notice that a man is having frequent sexual discomfort or frequently, they may use these tests to determine if they are suffering from ED or otherwise. When you perform these tests, you will be able to confirm 50% that you have the sexual issue and speak with the sexologist to get further assistance and treatment. Treat ED: Fildena 100

What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Although some aren’t in favor of performing a test for erectile dysfunction at home, it’s still a good way to know the truth about the sexual issue before contacting a physician to discuss the same. If you discover that you do not have ED problems there is no need to tell anyone about it or visit a sexologist. ED treatment : Vidalista 20

There are a few typical symptoms that can let you conduct your ED testing at your home. These are as follows:

  • Uncontrollable erections
  • Unable to sustain or even get erections 95 percent often.
  • Stress and depression
  • In a satisfying and unsatisfying relationship
  • Problems with relationships

What are the physical causes that can cause ED issues?

Not just physical, but also psychological aspects contribute to the erectile dysfunction issues. This includes:

  • Heart Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure

Which is an Erectile Dysfunction Test you can do at your home?

There are numerous tests one can take to determine whether they are suffering from problems with erectile function or not. But, at the same, it is important to understand that these tests may not be 100% accurate. And this is why doctors do not suggest the tests be done at home.

1. NPT Test

NPT, which stands for Nocturnal Penile Tumescence NPT is an ED home test widely used by people.

For this experiment, a subject is required to place the stamps on a roll near the male reproductive area throughout the night. The person who doesn’t have an ED issue usually has an erection during sleep, whereas the one who suffers from ED does not.

If you are suffering from ED or ED, the role of stamps could fall apart around your penis, which will confirm your condition. If the stamps are in good condition until the next day that is evidence that you didn’t experience an erection for the entire night. 

How to Perform:

To test this it is necessary to have four to five postage stamps. The appearance of the stamps doesn’t need to be considered, but there should have glue on the reverse of the stamps.

If you don’t have stamps, you could alternatively use sheets of newspaper or glue papers for testing. Make sure that the strip of paper is one inch wide and long enough so that it is able to cover the penis and has some overlap.

Do not drink alcohol for at most a few days prior to the day you take the test. Also, it is not recommended to consume caffeine in order to help you sleep better at the night.

2. Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SIHM)

SIHM is thought by many to be the most precise method to detect erectile dysfunction. This test will give you an exact indicator of whether you suffer from ED and if you do not. It is possible to take the questionnaire to your doctor, or you could also take Cenforce 100 at your home yourself.

This is a different questionnaire offered to me by IASH, Jaipur that can be used to determine if the person is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or not.

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