Details About Cisco CCNP Certification And Preparation Procedures

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is an advanced level of certification offered by Cisco. With this certification, candidates can learn about concepts that will be important to them as they pursue opportunities in the networking sector. Since CCNP certification is an advanced certification, candidates should obtain their CCNA certification as a prerequisite. Where the CCNA certification covers all the basic concepts of the network, the CCNA should be used to implement the CCNP certification. After obtaining this certification, candidates will be able to perform various tasks such as configuring, setting up and troubleshooting LANs and WANs.

Since networking is consider one of the core aspects of an information technology company, candidates for CCNP certification are preferred for a number of tasks. It is not a small organization or a big organization, rather the network concept is more important. Therefore, multinational corporations provide the greatest benefits to these professionals by expanding the resources with them.

Path To Certification CCNP Certification:

There are 4 methods for validating CCNP Certification in Munich and full details on certification paths can be found on the Cisco website. Candidates can choose any method which is most suitable based on their convenience.

Training Material:

Training is more important for all IT certifications and candidates should choose the best resource to get certified. The best form of training is a classroom curriculum. Most of the reputed training institutes offer classroom sessions for minimum 4 hours as full time and maximum 6 or 8 hours. CCNP is one of the prestigious exams, and for the candidate, a lot of hard work is required for the future career. Apart from this classroom training, candidates can also opt for other resources such as online training, practice tests, audio tests. The choice of research method does not only matter, but the candidate must work hard.

CCNP can be called as Cisco Certified Network Professional. They are one of Cisco’s business networking certifications. It validates the skills and knowledge required for local and wide area networks with 500 nodes. With the help of CCNP certification, it demonstrates the skills and knowledge to manage switches and routers from the network core, network applications.

The CCNP includes building a scalable Cisco network, a multi-layer switched Cisco network, wide regional network security, and the network is also tentatively underway. The CCNP certification does not cover topics such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), QoS (Quality of Service), security, broadband technology and convergent networking.

CCNP Certification Exam:

To obtain CCNP certification, candidates must possess CCNA credentials. This is the primary qualification for the CCNP certification exam. For the CCNP exam perspective, Cisco offers two levels to the candidates. There are four exams in one level and three exams in the other.

Level 1:

1) BSCI (Building a Scalable Cisco Interconnect) or 642-901 BSCI

2) ONT (optimized for convergent Cisco networks) or 642-845 ONT

3) ISCW (Enforce Secure Converged Wide Area Network) or 642-825 ISCW

4) BCMSN (Build Cisco Multilayer Switched Network) or 642-812 BCMSN.

Level 2:

1) BSCI & BCMSN Combined Exam, 2 Hour Exam (642-892 Combined)

2) ISCW (implement Secure Converged Wide Area Network) or 642-825 ISCW

3) ONT (optimized for convergent Cisco networks) or 642-845 ONT

The only difference between both the exams is that in Level 2 exam, the two exams are combine. Candidates can choose any level to get CCNP certification. Candidates should note that there is a fee to apply for this certification. The Level 1 exam costs more than the Level 2 exam because it consists of four exams. Candidates should work hard and spend more time in applying for these level 2 exams.

The CCNP certification exam taken at any Pearson VUE test centre or Prometric test centre. The certificate is valid for 3 years, after which re-certification is require to maintain eligibility.

Benefits of CCNP Certification:

The advantage of getting CCNP certification from Cisco instead of taking on other types of certification is that your well-known brand will appear on your resume. This professional qualification will showcase your mastery and expertise in your respective field and give you an edge over others when it comes to finding a competitive job profile. Information about exam dates, schedules, study materials, helpful links, prerequisites, and more is regularly update and readily available on the Cisco Learning Network website.

  • Since CCNP is a certification program that covers the complete details of networking concepts, candidates can easily enter the field of networking.
  • Regarding the salary. There is a lot of demand for the candidates in the networking field. They can ask for their salary as the company is ready to give the best benefits to the professionals. Who are well verse in the networking concepts. Has the required skills to manage the tasks very well.
  • Keeping you up to date with the latest technology. Advances in technology are constantly evolving, and continuing education is essential to stay competitive. This certification will give you an advantage over colleagues who do not have the certification.
  • It is a great resume booster. Potential employers look at three main points on a resume: education, skills, and work experience. Degrees and certifications make you a more qualified employee. This certification makes you a great asset and demonstrates your desire to excel in your field.
  • You are ready to work internationally. Individuals with CCNP certification can work in countries that require such IT skills.

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