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Book Online Pandit to Perform Havan Procedure at Home and Office

Cleansing the home is extremely important when you move to a new house. As per Hindus, it is a belief that you cannot enter the home without performing a pooja. There are times you enter the home and feel like cleansing the energy and performing a havan. You can book pandit online to understand the rituals and they can do the pooja on your behalf to cleanse the home.

Havan is performed at workplaces as well as homes. Are you thinking of doing a havan at your office or home? If yes, then this article will help you find out the procedure.

The Benefits of Doing Havan in a Heavenly Abode and Office Space

  • Attracts prosperity and success

  • Eliminates all the negative energy and hardships from your path

  • Positive vibrations get attracted

  • It brings financial stability in your life

  • Helps you and your family/employees recover from illnesses

Not everyone wishes well for you. Some human beings are always casting a spell on you and constantly wishing that you should not prosper.

The Havan pooja would require you to book online pandit in India. They will let you know the ingredients list and what all rituals need to be performed. A pandit’s presence is necessary when it comes to doing a havan.

Ingredients Required for Doing Havan

When you book online pandit, they will ask you to arrange the ingredients beforehand. The ingredients list includes:

  • Dry wood

  • Sweet

  • 1 lota

  • Kalava

  • Heated ghee in a metal bowl

  • 4 spoons

  • 1 Large spoon

  • 4 bowls

  • Flowers

  • Camphor/Dhoop

  • A diya

  • Cotton wick to light up the diya

  • Matchstick

  • Havan kund

  • Haldi

  • Roli

  • Chawal

  • Tika

The pandit might ask you to bring a sweets box as well. Make sure you keep all the ingredients ready for the havan day.

Performing the Havan Puja: Book Online Pandit to Have a Seamless Experience

The pandit who comes to your home or office should be seated in South direction, but they need to face North. The head of the house has to sit towards the West direction.

The havan kund is placed in the middle and the wood and ghee goes into it. Once the pandit lights up the wood in the havan kund, they have to ensure it burns till the end of the pooja.

Some mantras are chanted during the havan which everyone needs to repeat.

Kalava is a must at the end of the pooja as you need to tie it around every participant’s wrist.

Havan Pooja: The Ultimate Way to Attract Positive Energy into the Home

The pandit will apply a tilak on everyone’s forehead and the prasad will be distributed.

The whole havan procedure purifies the home and the office. Thus, it is an important to clear negative energy and bring positive vibrations.

Book an online pandit in India to perform the aarti and the havan ritual. They have been doing it for years and will ensure that everything goes seamlessly.

Once the havan is done, you can enter the home and expect positive energies to change your fate and life.

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