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The key distinction here is that the casino may have yet안전놀이터 to experience any issues when paying its customers. Everyone who participated in the game was paid within a few days or sometimes even weeks.

However, over time, the length of time it took to receive 안전놀이터payments gradually increased. There has been a steady increase in holdups over the past several weeks or months. The duration of the delays increased. The casino, however, has nothing but excuses to provide.

Note that the fact that a casino has delayed payments does not automatically make it dishonest. At some point or another, it occurs in every casino. In most cases, a clue that things are about to take a turn for the worst is the increasing number of delayed payments, in addition to the number of players being given the runaround.

Affiliates are third parties that work on behalf of the casino to carry out various marketing activities. They carry out these actions at their own expense to earn a commission.

When an online casino encounters financial difficulties or decides to cooperate with illegal activities, the affiliates are typically the first to be stiffed by the casino.

Affiliates will not be compensated for earlier campaigns that were once on rev-share if unscrupulous casinos change their terms and conditions in such a way as to prevent this from happening. This is another method by which rogue casinos take advantage of their business relationships with partners (when the affiliate receives an ongoing commission for a player they sent to the casino for the life of the player).

For instance, this was an example when Bwin Casino updated its terms and conditions. By doing so, they retroactively reduced the commissions that they had initially pledged to pay to affiliates. They avoided paying ongoing commissions totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, but at the expense of the trust held by their partners.

An Offer That Is Either Too Good or Too Big

If the casino offers big matches or huge bonuses (or both) that are just unheard of, then this is a sign stating that you should avoid using their services. We’re talking about $5,000 here and $10,000 there. Looking at all the legitimate casinos, you’ll notice that most deals are for $500, $1000, or even $2000. There is probably something shady going on at a (new) casino if they offer five or ten times that amount.

Note: If you browse the casinos on our blocklist, you’ll see that this is one of the characteristics they all share in common with one another. Consider the example of Loco Panda and their 400% up to $4,000 deposit bonus.

Failure to maintain separate financial accounts

If you learn that a casino does not keep its players’ money distinct from its other cash, this is yet another red flag for you to watch out for. In other words, the money you win at the casino should be used to avoid paying the casino’s costs or even to pay the winnings of other players. That they do not have (excellent) cash flow – a major warning indicator that they are unstable — is indicated by this statement.


Another indicator that anything can go wrong is the casino’s location, which influences who is in charge of the casino’s licensing and regulation. Every establishment has its guidelines, some more relaxed than others. Costa Rica is an excellent illustration of a very lax jurisdiction (also known as doesn’t give a hoot about anything at all).

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