A comprehensive review of the 9006 LED headlight bulb

In order to replace the headlight of your vehicle, you must have the right car headlight bulb. Some of the most popular car headlight bulbs include the 9005 and 9006 bulbs. The former of these two bulbs has been in the market for a long time and has now been replaced by the latter. But people still prefer the 9005 bulbs over the 9006 bulbs. No doubt the 9006 headlight bulb or the H9 headlight bulb is a popular bulb and the most sought-after headlight bulb, even in the industry of automotive. The popularity of this bulb can be attributed to its increased performance, durability, and efficiency. These bulbs are designed in such a way that they can be used in the low beam as well as the fog lights of vehicles  A comprehensive review of the 9006 LED headlight bulb

How the 9005 and 9006 bulbs are different?

The most visible difference between these two bulbs is the size of their contacts. The 9006 bulb has a wider contact at the end and this contact is rectangular in shape. The 9005 bulb has a round contact at the end which is smaller in width as compared to the 9006 bulbs. In addition to the size difference, the 9006 bulb has a small notch in the contact that is absent in the 9005 bulbs. The fixtures on the 9006 bulb are also longer in size as compared to those on the 9005 bulbs. The 9006 bulbs are designed to have a more powerful light with about 10% more light than the 9005 bulbs. The light is better and the color is whiter than the 9005 bulbs. Even though the difference is not much, it is still enough for you to notice it on the road. The 9006 bulb is also a bit heavier than the 9005 one. The 9005 bulb is a high-performance bulb with a single filament and an unshielded design. The 9006 bulb is a low-cost bulb with a dual-beam filament and a shielded design. The 9006 bulb has two filaments and hence it is called a dual-beam bulb. The 9006 bulbs is also known as the 9003 car headlight bulb. The 9003 is a part number of the 9006 bulbs. www.suncentauto.com is a online automobile accessories store where all types of quality headlight bulb are available.

Why 9006 LED bulb is better than the 9005?

If you are looking for an LED headlight bulb that is a bit brighter than the stock headlights, then you might be in a dilemma. Should you go for the more expensive 9006 LED headlight bulbs or the cheaper 9005 LED headlight bulbs? Well, the answer is simple. If you are looking for a brighter headlight bulb, then you should go for the 9006 LED headlight bulbs as they have a brighter output. They have a higher wattage than the 9005 LED bulbs, which means that they can emit a brighter light. They are also more durable and can last longer than the 9005 LED bulbs. The main reason why the 9006 LED bulbs are more expensive than the 9005 LED bulbs is that they are more efficient than the 9005 bulbs. They consume less power than the 9005 LED bulbs, which means that they put less strain on your battery. They also have a longer lifespan than the 9005 LED bulbs.

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