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7 Best Continental Restaurants to Try in Lahore

Lahore is a popular city when it comes to the list of best continental food. This city is known for its famous street food spices, and historical places. Tourists visit Pakistan and its northern areas; they visit Lahore, and the city leaves people amazed at its natural beauty. Lahore has the best variety of restaurants that have the best taste in desi food and offer the best continental dishes at reasonable prices. As it’s a city, known for food, they focus on the quality and taste of food.

Restaurants in Lahore, have one more positive attribute, you get all kinds of food in one place. Once a person’s taste buds get familiar with the foods of Lahore, fast food also becomes a second option.

Here is a list of the seven best continental restaurants in Lahore where you can get the same taste you look for with the perfect ambience.

Al-Khan Restaurant

Al-Khan restaurant is famous for its quality, taste, and the best continental food that it provides. They serve food made with organic herbs that come from their kitchen. The organic herbs and spices used are the reason for the different tastes that people get at Al-Khan. Their best continental dishes are the most ordered foods at restaurants with affordable prices as compared to other locations at Gulberg, Thokar, DHA etc. Al-Khan also provides catering services for events and occasions. So, yes best location and delicious food with taste make everything countable and special.

Tuscany Courtyard Lahore

Tuscany is an Italian Restaurant situated in Gulberg. It’s a perfect and lively place to enjoy continental food. As much as the restaurant’s interior says about it so does the food and ambience. The food and its taste are what bring people back to Tuscany. The quantity served is enough for two people.

Signature Grill

Signature Grill is best at serving grilled foods. Apart from steaks and fast food, their continental food is delicious, and it offers the same taste that children look for. Once visited, it is a place people would want to go again. They offer dine-in and takeaway options.

Bistro 201

Bistro 201 is the best rooftop café and restaurant in Lahore located at Jail Road. It offers the best combination of desi, continental, fast food, Italian etc. People enjoy food and ambience, which is often made perfect with Qawali nights.

Jade Café

Jade Café offers continental and fast food at reasonable prices. It provides the customers with what they demand. Apart from food, they offer great coffees and desserts that leave people’s moods happier. Jade café provides the best combination of food at reasonable prices. The staff is professional, and they handle any issue smartly.

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan is a famous desi restaurant in Lahore. It has expanded its chains in Lahore. It is one of the best desi and continental food serving restaurants. Bundu Khan is famous for its quality, taste, and quantity. The restaurant charges at reasonable prices, and there are no extra charges for anything. The food and ambience both are great. Mostly, people visit Bundu Khan for its desi nashta deals on Sundays. Bundu Khan offers outdoor and indoor dining areas.

Spice Bazar

Spice Bazar is a famous restaurant situated in Lahore The restaurant is a bit expensive; if compared with other restaurants in Lahore. The ambience and dining area are the best. Apart from food, the restaurant also offers events and occasions services. Spice Bazar food is delicious and mouth-watering. They are famous for their Hi-tea options as well. Spice Bazar offers the true representation of what Lahoris look for in food and it’s the place which leaves tourists amazed at Pakistani foods.

Best Among All, Al-Khan Restaurant

It becomes difficult to choose or rank the restaurants in Lahore as the best. Because all of them offer great taste and quality of food, Lahore is known for its best locations and street food. In Lahore, people enjoy the best quality of food with amazing rooftop views.

Among all, Al-Khan restaurant is considered as best continental food restaurant. The reason for Al-Khan stands unique among others is because of the organic herbs that they use, they come from their kitchens, and all are natural and free from any sort of artificiality. The organic herbs and spices give food a different and delicious taste. They offer the best continental dishes and desi food at reasonable prices with a good amount of quantity. The finger-licking taste of Al-Khan is what brings the visitors back to this location. Once visited, people want to go for more. It is the best place for family gatherings, events and special occasions and celebrations etc. 

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