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5 Things to Make a Successful iOS App

Mobile applications have become a part of our everyday lives. Every smartphone user has multiple mobile apps downloaded to their phones. From popular gaming apps to excellent entertainment apps, each app has its importance.

Most companies try to build apps compatible with Android and iOS. However, to create an app, particularly for iPhone users, requirements differ. According to stats, The App Store has more than 2.2 million apps.

Among these, A few apps are used and downloaded regularly. It is how an iOS app development company calculates the success of its app. To stand out from the crowd, developers must create a well-built app.

Also, focusing on its purpose and usage is necessary. In this article, we have discussed how to make an app successful.

Features of a Successful iOS App

Every successful mobile application combines a few features. Experts divide these into two categories.

Business Oriented Features

  • Engaging and useful
  • Simple update process
  • Affordable modification and maintenance
  • Ideal for hassle-free payments
  • Data breach protected

Customer-Oriented Features

  • Outstanding design
  • Well-built user interface
  • Smooth and stable workflow
  • Flawless data protection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • As per customer expectations

Besides these, what else is important? Every successful iOS application depends on a few things. Let us take a look at these.

Things to make an iOS App

In-Depth Research

The first and most important thing to creating an iOS app is research. Before you start, browse the industry as much as you can. With millions of apps in the market, make sure of the following.

  • Has someone already built an app like yours?
  • Does your app share a purpose?
  • What makes your app different?
  • Is your app useful for the industry?

In-depth research is the best way to understand the goal of your application. If you are aware of your competitors, start looking for their flaws. You could also create an app similar to the one in the market.

However, it must be an updated version with better features.

Marketing Strategy

Proper planning is the second thing for a successful iOS app. having a strategy is important after you have completed your research. Make sure to answer a few questions at this point.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is going to be the price range of your app?
  • Are you planning any in-app purchases in the future?
  • How will you promote your app?

Marketing is the most important part of your strategy. You must know the right way to reach your target audience. An iOS app can only be successful if it reaches more iPhone users.

Try to make sure of the budget of your app. Preparing for the cost beforehand can keep you from future troubles. An app must be able to recover the investments after launch.

 Connecting with your target audience can be easier if you start locally. Start by applying local SEO in your marketing strategy. A strong marketing strategy will always lead to the success of an IOS app.

Application Workflow

The majority of your app will depend on the workflow. The flow in which your app moves from one place to another is essential. Often developers do not consider it an important factor. But if you look through a successful application, its workflow looks well planned.

Here, you can prepare a list of questions to answer.

  • How many screens will your app have?
  • What content will you show on each screen?
  • How will you link each of these screens together?
  • What transmission are you going to choose from screen to screen?

Some apps have their screens sliding up. While others may prefer the fading out transition. It depends on the feeling you want your users to have when using your application.

If an app is too difficult to use, People will not find it useful. Alternatively, if your app is less diverse, people will find it boring. An iOS app owner must balance the workflow in the application.

Mobile Orientation

Undoubtedly, orientation is a crucial part of an application. Since mobile applications have started to gain popularity, this feature has played an important role. Different apps bring different experiences to iOS users.

Some apps jump directly into the landscape mode. While others may start in portrait mode and change orientation on screen rotation. Many apps only support a single mode and prevent you from turning your screen.

Remember, mobile orientation directly impacts user interaction. For instance, imagine a gaming app with six features in the drop-down menu. These features will be easily visible in portrait mode. But in landscape orientation, they may appear differently.

A jumbled-up text with the change of screen can be a bad idea for your app. Also, the font style, size, and color scheme impact the orientation of your app. Focusing on minor details is necessary for an iOS app.

Mobile-First Design

Many people are unaware of the term mobile-first design. However, it is a must-have feature for every mobile app.

Any application with a mobile-first design quickly adjusts its screen size to that of the device. Previously, it was not a big issue for iOS developers. But with the multi-sized iPhones today, this feature matters more.

Also, you may want your app to be compatible with other devices too. When running an app on Android and tablets, this feature makes a big difference. If an app does not adjust its size to the user’s screen, the number of downloads will slow down.

This feature is also linked to device orientation. Hence. Give attention to it for expected results.

The Takeaway

An iOS application depends on many other features too. From intuitive navigation to web integration, everything is important.

But paying attention to these five things can help your iOS app grow. Remember, developing an application is easy. The journey to make it successful is everything developers find difficult!


Do you know how to make an iOS app successful in the market? Focusing on a few things can help your app make a difference among competitors.

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