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5 Best Inventory Management Practices for Your Repair Store

Successfully running a repair shop is not an easy task. There are a multitude of factors that warrant your time and concern. Inventory management is one of these.

Staying on top of your inventory needs is crucial for your business to operate smoothly and seamlessly. Apart from the need of making sure that all your parts requirements are timely met, you also need to understand which parts are most selling and utilized by your technicians Get more at user interface icons.

Missing out on any opportunity that can generate business for your repair shop is not something you’d be okay about. Similarly, having a good repair shop software helps you maintain your customers by ensuring you have the required parts for any repair job.

Rid yourself of the day-to-day monotonous tasks. Keeping up with these can become cumbersome for many repair store owners. Sort yourself out by using automated software solutions and make sure to follow the best usage practices as highlighted by industry experts.

We’re going to cover these 5 best inventory management practices, so you don’t miss out on revenue generating opportunities.

  1. Automatic Inventory Upkeep
  2. Generate Purchase Orders
  3. Inventory Transfers
  4. Input via Barcode Scanner
  5. Low Stocks Report

Automatic Inventory Upkeep

Get the maximum out of your POS system by integrating it with a computer repair shop software. This way, you can stay informed about the remaining stock levels in your inventory, and can ensure a minimum threshold for your repair business to run smoothly.

Another benefit of using an inventory management software is the automation it provides. Apart from keeping an eye on your existing stock levels in real-time, it rids you of manually and physically counting your items.

You don’t have to check your inventory every day after work to tally a count, your automated software solutions have got you covered.

Such software solutions streamline their users’ business operations in such a way that owners can focus on business growth, rather than staying busy with mundane daily tasks.

Generate Purchase Orders (PO)

What is a repair shop owner’s worst nightmare? When they have to turn away a customer due to shortage of parts.

Integrate your POS system with a software that can easily manage and maintain your inventory, while you focus on generating higher revenue figures.

You can easily set your repair shop software to send out purchase orders to different vendors. You can also get estimates for your required parts as well.

All this with a touch of a button. Once you create a vendor’s list for each part, you can preset your software into sending out parts orders – with or without real-time approvals.

Inventory Transfer

The best thing about having an inventory management software is the flexibility it offers to repair businesses.

If you own multiple repair stores and have integrated all of them with an inventory software, you can easily get updated and real-time updates on your existing stocks.

In case, one of your stores requires a repair part, which is in excess in another of your stores, you can use the software to transfer that part from one store to another.

This removes the need to spend money in ordering repair parts that are already available in your possession.

It also ensures you getting complete control of your inventory in all your stores. And that you have the means to keep it that way!

This aforementioned move is also tracked within your computer repair shop software. You can review all the actions in the inventory transfer order tab.

It helps keeping track of all your stocks in all your inventories.

Input Via Barcode Scanner

Are you fed up with restocking your inventory items with manual entries?

Take advantage of an inventory management software to help you move on from manually filling in spreadsheets and avoid unnecessary paperwork.

Use serial numbers to define your inventory items to make the tracking process easier for you and your technicians. Scan your items with a barcode reader and instantly pull out the details, including its stock levels.

In addition, your POS system will automatically reduce any items’ count from the existing stocks every time a ticket or invoice is generated for it.

No need for manual tally checks, let automation take care of your business operations while you focus on its growth!

Low Stock Report

Out of the several benefiting features a computer repair shop software offers, a low stock report is one of the most crucial one in helping out your repair business needs.

Now easily stay on top of your inventory levels and get instant notifications every time an item falls below the minimum threshold. The software will keep you informed of the existing count of all your inventory items.

Additionally, a repair store owner can also configure the software in such a way that each time an item count falls low, it sends out a purchase order to replenish your inventory to its optimum level. So, your business can run efficiently.

Lastly, having a software support solution can prove magical for your store’s overall performance. Your technicians/employees can focus more on the jobs at hand, minus the efforts for a manual inventory upkeep.

All in all, the repair shop software keeps you updated with all the stock levels of all the items in your inventory, meaning you can ensure weekly and monthly parts usage and avoid any lost parts.

More Benefits

For instance, a customer walks back into your store. And starts complaining that your technician messed up their repair task. If that’s true, you can compensate the customer with some discount or a gift. But in case your technician didn’t mess up, you can log into your inventory software and check the part’s entire journey.

You can also check the Goods Received Notes (GRNs). These are documents that your store sends out to a vendor against their supply of parts. It contains all the faulty and broken parts you’ve received. You can automatically send out for replacements of these faulty parts or check if any of these parts were used in a repair job.

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