Why Hire A Professional Coach?

Many business leaders, managers and professionals use the services of a professional coach. But what are the reasons that motivate them to use this service? This is precisely what we will see in the lines below.

First of all, it is important to understand what coaching is. Coaching is defined as “accompaniment that allows you to achieve your goals more quickly and more effectively”. Coaching involves the identification of objectives to be achieved by the “coaches”. For his part, the coach, through his questioning and his requests to the coaches, will allow the latter to move towards the desired results within a very well structured process. Thus, while the coach is the guarantor of the process, the coaches are responsible for the results. Coaching is therefore far from a simple discussion, it is an exchange allowing the coaches to reach the targeted targets.

Why hire a coach?

Simply because you want to improve! Become a better communicator, improve your decision-making, improve your management skills, improve your time management, develop management skills, etc.

The coach will allow you, through a structured process, to reach your targets faster and more efficiently than if you were doing it by yourself. He accompanies you in order to develop new behaviors, new aptitudes, and this, from the resources at your disposal; it serves to maximize your potential. It is also important to understand that coaching starts from the premise that individuals have the resources to achieve the desired change use a simple planner.

Your coach will put you and keep you in action since it is the recommended method to integrate the desired changes and above all, to maintain them. As each individual has different needs, the coach adapts the strategies according to each of them. There is a structure in the coach’s intervention, but the strategies to achieve the objectives differ according to the coaches; this is a personalized service.

The coaching process brings rigor to your development and can even allow you to go further than you thought. You still need to have the right coach for you!

Choice of coach

As in almost all professions, there are different types of coaching. If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist, not the podiatrist! Yet both are doctors. In coaching it’s the same thing; coaches specialize in a specific niche: business coaching, executive coaching, management coaching, career transition coaching, life coaching, etc. The important thing for the coaches is to choose the right coach according to his or her needs. So, if you are a manager in an SME, call on a coach who knows SMEs, he will be better able to support you in your improvement or development process.

What is a life coach?

Also called ‘life coach’ or ‘personal coach’, the life coach is a person, man or woman, who accompanies you at a specific moment in your life. He teams up with you. The term coach appeared in the sports world, but quickly, it was then applied to different areas of life such as nutrition, business, but also in personal life. Thus, a life coach helps anyone who wants to achieve goals and move forward in their life.

The life coach is that person with whom you can talk freely without being judged in return. He listens attentively to your words, helps you find your solutions, manage your emotions and above all participates in your well-being. The coach is complementary to the psychologist. The latter will help you heal your past wounds, the coach will accompany you in building your future.

Who is a life coach suitable for?

As mentioned earlier in this article, the life coach accompanies a desire for change, to improve one’s well-being and one’s life goals. The accompaniment takes place over a short period (generally, between 6 to 10 sessions). It can relate to all areas of life.

By way of illustration, the life coach corresponds to anyone wishing to:

Free yourself from your fears, anxieties and doubts;
Find confidence and self-esteem;
Improve relationships whether family, friends or professional;
Accompanying a professional change (change of position, period of unemployment)
Dealing with professional problems;
Optimize your daily life and identify your values;
Prepare for job interviews or exam periods  ;
Facing the difficulties of life.

Why take a life coach?

Many reasons can lead to wanting to be accompanied by a life coach. Here are a few as an example.
Determine the steps to follow: When faced with big changes, it often happens that you feel lost as to the direction to take, that you are not sure how to move forward, how to determine the steps to put in place . If you are in this case too, a life coach can be the solution. Take a step back, take a deep breath and start walking with your life coach;

The lack of methodology: Having objectives is good, achieving them is better. However, you will need to define a methodology to achieve this. This is usually where most people fail. Do you want to feel fulfilled in your relationships with others, set up a business, implement a project that is close to your heart? You need methodology. But don’t panic, a life coach will help you take the steps and overcome your fears;
The impression of stagnating: It happens that we have the impression of not moving forward, of standing still, and this causes you a feeling of discomfort? Before giving up, call on a life coach. With targeted questions and deep introspection, the latter will help you discover your obstacles and implement actions to help you overcome them.


Coaching is a support process that has proven itself over time. The first question to ask is: are you ready for coaching? Because you will be solicited and you will be asked to step out of your comfort zone. Your turn to judge! For more information on this support service, do not hesitate to contact Smallbusinesscoach.

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