Business Valuation Services

Valueteam Business Valuation Singapore

If you’re looking for business valuation services in Singapore, call for a consultation with Commonwealth Business Valuations.

Business valuation services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. How do you know how much your business is worth? Do you know how much it could be worth? Have you ever wondered what the range of values is for comparable businesses? Well, at our valuation services firm, we want to simplify that process for you.

Business Valuation Services

At Valueteam Business Valuation Singapore, LLC, we provide the following valuation services for C-Corps & S-Corps in the United States.

Business valuation services for buy and sell side firms. We help our clients accurately value privately held businesses in a wide range of industries including technology.

Valueteam Valuation Services

Valueteam has been an industry standard in Singapore for over 50 years. The value of a business might be subjective, but its valuation is most certainly objective. It is generally estimated that the total loss in value helped by the assistance of a business valuator is between $30 to $50 billion dollars per year.

Business valuation services are not an obligation you have to face. It’s a right of every business owner and investor. As per the recent research, it is believed that around 50% of small businesses don’t know their exact value – they only have a general idea.

business valuation process

The Purchase Price Allocation process is one where the market value of a company is calculated as part of a merger or acquisition. The value is typically based on the income generated by the business, although other metrics such as cash flow could also be used. At VC Grand Slam we offer business valuation services for all business types and sizes in all sectors, with partners versed in the financial markets and able to apply their expertise in valuing any type of company.


Business valuation services create an objective assessment of a client’s business, property or intangible assets. A valuation report can be used during or after a merger or acquisition, during or before the sale or transfer of the business, to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements, in settling a lawsuit or estate matters, or due to corporate governance concerns.

Your business is an asset. Whether you’re an individual or a company, you need to measure the value of your assets. If you decide to sell it, your business will have a certain “value” attached to it. A lot of people valuation companies (business valuation services) are needed in order to provide such a service.

We provide the most advanced and accurate business valuation services in the business. Contact us today for a free quote on your business valuation .

individual practitioners

Business valuation services are provided by individual practitioners, accounting and professional services firms, specialized business valuators and consultants, and large general-purpose firms which may have separate divisions devoted to appraisal and valuation work.

examination of a specific business

The business valuation process is a detailed examination of a specific business. The purpose of the examination is to determine the fair market value of the subject business by applying various valuation methods to various data attained by gathering information on comparable businesses. Such methods are based on appraisal approaches that have been developed over the years and thus form relatively fixed and reliable schools of valuation practice. However, for any single theoretical approach, such as the market approach or the discounted cash flow (DCF) method, there is considerable disagreement on how it should be applied and how its conclusions should be interpreted.

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