Tips to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online

The ethnic wear has become popular among the people of different parts of the world because of colourful dresses, beautiful fabric and fabulous embroidery. As many people have learned to embrace the different Indian products like saree, salwar kameez, lehenga, and the kurtis among others, the buying of Indian ethnic wear online has continued to experience a high increase. Alternatively, one can purchase Indian outfits from the shops and this also can be time-consuming especially for someone who has not gone for it before. Therefore, the question arises how it is possible to ensure that this or these clothes will fit you if you do not try them on? Just where these tips will fit in.

1.Know Your Measurements

The first and probably the most crucial step to buying Indian ethnic wear online is knowing your correct measurements. Measure your new bust, waist, hip, sleeves length, inseam length etc the size charts offered by online shops. This will assist you in selecting the correct size, especially in the event that the fabric being used is non elastic such as cotton, silk, chanderi or tissue. Record your present measurements because body outlines are different now than they were in the past. 

2. Understand Fabric Types

India is gifted with some of the lovely handloom fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, chanderi, crepe and a lot of others. It is important to know that every fabric type is different and has distinct properties. For functions and more formal occasions, one should opt for lightweight fabrics like chiffon or georgette sarees and for everyday use, sarees made of cotton or silk or even suits will do. Choose light and sheer clothing fabrics such as chanderi or georgette for kurtas, anarkali would help you achieve a royal look. It is important that you ensure that when you are purchasing an outfit that is made from blended fabric then you need to ensure that you check the fabric composition. This will help you to create realistic expectation how the outfit might look, how will it fit or hang on your body.

3. Choose Reputed Online Stores

There are many online shops today that offer Indian ethnic fashion also. However, not all of them offer convenience in the purchase process and the following are the examples. Read the opinions and ratings of customers concerning the online store before you proceed to purchase from it. Famous stores have the high quality of picture along with the description of the product, proper payment gateway, and the option of returning or exchanging the product. This way, buying from such trusted sites ensures that one gets the desired quality of the products they need to be delivered safely. You can verify this by visiting their social media platforms to see how much they respond to customers. 

4. Compare Styles & Prices

You can easily search for many styles of Indian clothes and can compare prices of those clothes with different stores online. If you are interested in a certain sari, then try to visit different sites so as to look for the most attractive offer. Specialty stores that is available only on the Internet for designer Indian clothes by famous names at very reasonable prices. Subscribe so as to be notified when a certain price is available for a product so that you can buy before it gets out of stock. Competition between online stores and physical stores of products can give a good deal on the new arrivals of Indian fashion clothing.

5. Familiarize With the Return & Exchange Policy

Another advantage of purchasing items from the internet is the ability to return an item or exchange it if it is unsatisfactory. If you want to purchase Indian clothes online, ensure you get to know their return or cancellation policy. The number of days for returning the product varies from store to store, and it usually does not exceed 7-14 days from the time of delivery. 

While some might charge a small fee for returning the product, others may be options where the company picks the product from your place for free. If one is to attempt any outfit, it would be the best way to determine the size or the fitting modifications required. By choosing online stores that offer convenient and fuss-free returns, it is possible to shop for Indian ethnic dresses without worrying much about the dress fitting perfectly. It also allows you to have the product delivered right at your doorstep, wear it and then either pay for it or mail it back and have your money back.  

6. Seek Trusted Recommendations

Due to the existence of numerous internet-based clothing stores that sell Indian outfits, referrals from friends and family are helpful in choosing the right one. Consumers who have earlier bought ethnic wears online can give valuable information on the shopping experience, quality of the products, how accurate the fitting size and deliveries efficiency of the sites. 

Some of the popular platforms that are active in reporting about the Indian fashion market, latest trends, discount offers and offers shared by people on the basis of their shopping experience from some selective websites. These are informal groups to know which sites are worth reviewing by recommending trusted sites. This avoids disappointments and extensive time spent in search for the most suitable products to purchase online. Competition between online stores and physical stores of products can give a good deal on the new arrivals of Indian fashion clothing.


These 6 tips provided you useful information on what to do when buying Indian ethnic fashion wear for ladies online. Although the options range from the traditional weaves, embroidered fabrics, magnificent lehengas and shimmering jewellery to choose from may seem a little overwhelming at first, some kind of research can help in planning a successful shopping trip. Employing these pointers on how to use size charts, learn the type of fabric used, hunt for designer’s one of a kind, compare prices and consult friends and family, you will be able to buy clothes that fit you and enhance your goddess like beauty.   

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