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Some of you may be of a certain age and recall purchasing scratch cards at the supermarket. To find out whether you won any money, you would choose a card, pay for it, and then scratch it with a 토토사이트

While you may still find scratch cards in South Africa, you may have a harder time doing so than you formerly did. It’s true that actual scratch cards have mostly disappeared from circulation, but websites like Hollywoodbets and Supabets still sell them online.

A Hollywoodbets bettor who placed an R20 wager on Wolf Gold scratch cards on April 24, 2022, earned almost R1 million.

Read on to learn more about the exciting scratch card games offered by leading South African online bookmakers like Hollywoodbets and Supabets.

Scratch-off tickets for Hollywoodbets

There are sixteen different scratch card games to choose from at Hollywoodbets, with prizes ranging from R2 million to as little as 25 cents. Not only can you check out some brand new slots, but Hollywoodbets have just added some scratch cards that are really user-friendly thanks to Pragmatic Play.

Scratch cards at Hollywoodbets range from as low as 25 cents to as much as R8. Wolf Gold takes you on a nighttime quest, while Gold Rush has you assisting a group of miners in their search for glittering wealth. No matter what it is, you get to decide the course of your own journey!

A variety of Pariplay scratch cards with various themes and rewards are now at your disposal. Playing Cash Cuisine, Cops and Robbers, and Fruit Basket are among of our favourite games.

When it comes to scratch cards, Gold Rush is the greatest option at Hollywoodbets.

Assist the miners in their search for gold and you may win up to R1,000,000 by matching three of a kind symbols. If you’ve made it this far into the gold mine, you’ll find 9 spots to scratch to uncover your treasure. The magnificent prize may be yours if you can match three of 토토사이트 

Gold Rush at Hollywoodbets: A How-To Guide

Create an account with Hollywoodbets and sign in.

 “Scratch Cards” from the list of available options.

Choose your game of choice by clicking on it.

Choose the desired quantity of cards.

To begin the game and pay the $5, choose “Buy Now.”

Scratch off the inactive miner icons with your finger. Alternatively, you may scratch the button to see the outcome immediately.

Seven, watch the final tally to find out whether you won.

Scratch-offs from Pragmatic Play called Supabets

Supabets has seven different Pragmatic Play Scratch Cards ranging in price from R3.25 to R52. This is the same as what you’d find on Hollywoodbets, with the addition of a new game called Wolf Gold.

For a little higher purchase price on Supabets, you may play Scratch Cards with an R13 million prize.

Who else except PlayNow.com provides online scratch cards to people in South Africa?

Scratch cards may be played online in South Africa at both LottoStar and the National Lottery site. Find out more about it by reading the article.

You can discover bookmaker reviews, specials, betting advice, and more on the Betting Guide site, where you can also learn more about online sports betting, casino games, and lotteries in South Africa.

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