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You may have heard the expression “God is greater than the highs or lows” but aren’t sure what it means. This phrase is a part of our everyday life and has inspired many to continue moving forward.
Followers of Jesus Christ should know that the things they did today were to prepare them for eternity beyond physical death. God will always be with them.

This article will help you understand the meaning of the phrase.

The Origin of God is Greater than the Highs and Lows
You won’t find the phrase “God is greater than the highs or lows” anywhere else in the Bible. This phrase is used throughout the book as a unified theme, channeling Christians and non-Christians. It can be viewed as God’s word throughout the history of creation and the Roman Empire.

Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, until he was crucified on the Cross for us, was the epitome of passion in the battle of the Revelation. These events show us that god is greater than the highs and lows. His power is so great that no one can comprehend it.

Sacred writings popularized this phrase because it represented God’s past works that had reached millions, if not thousands, of people.

The bond between our Savior and his people has strengthened as a result. His works will give strength and courage to those who are weak or lost in life.

Meaning of the Phrase

The Great God

God is great because he’s the Alpha and Omega. He created the universe and the Earth. He is the only one with power and authority over all living things on this planet. It is no surprise, therefore, that his stature cannot be matched.

Jesus, being so powerful and admirable, is beyond our comprehension.

One thing is certain, however, and that is his infinite mercy. He welcomes everyone, no matter what their religion or beliefs, regardless of whether they are sinners or not. He can see through our darkest thoughts and suppressed feelings and embraces us no matter what stage of life we are at.

His unconditional love for us is unconditional. His promises to love us unconditionally and be there for us will not be contained on one page. We must be able to trust that his words, protection, and love are genuine and come straight from his heart. It might surprise you how much energy and joy this knowledge can bring.

What are the Highs?

Your past achievements are what make up your highs. This could include your social status, job, noble work awards, and valuable property.

These things are all similar because you don’t know if they will stay with you forever. They can be taken away at any time. What matters most is our faith in God and the hope he brings to our Earth, humanity at the Cross.

This phrase’s appearance of highs reminds us not to hold onto our accomplishments too tightly. Regardless of our achievements, it is important to remain grounded and wise.

The Lows: What Are They?

Lows are when you face difficulties at school, work, or in your personal life.

These hardships can place heavy burdens on you, leaving scars or marks on your life. These times can bring you down to your knees and make you look bad. These moments can also stop you from pursuing your dreams and moving forward.

To overcome the situation, say the phrase loudly. Never think you can sink so low into nothingness and helplessness; God won’t help you. It’s quite the opposite.

He is waiting for you at the bottom. He let you struggle and let go to teach you a new lesson. He will not let you go despite all your sorrow and bitterness. You must be courageous in facing your problems.

What does The Whole Phrase Mean?

“God is more than the highs or lows” can be abbreviated to G>. The symbol’s meaning is quite simple for those who don’t know. G is God, > is greater, and V is the lows. These words can be combined to form the entire phrase with fewer letters.

How to Live with Highs and Lows

A high is followed by a low. A high will often follow a low. Too often, we are consumed by the highs, achievements, and adrenalin, forgetting that God gave us what we have. Then, when the lows hit, you feel defeated and give up on the challenges.

Inviting Jesus Christ into all your highs, lows and middles is important. This will allow you to level out your life at more manageable levels. He also gives you wisdom, perspective, and comfort to make the right decisions.

Be grateful for your success and the property you have. It’s important to remember that this high will not last forever. This is a natural tendency in life. Brace yourself for the hard times.

Bible Verse Associated With The Phrase

Matthew 28:20 reveals that “I am always with you, to the end the age” is the phrase. This is what Jesus Christ, our Savior, said to us. It reminds us that he is not only present at a specific point in our lives. He is there to accompany you through childhood, adulthood, and even “to the end” of your life. He is there for you, no matter how happy or sad you are.

John 3:20 says, “If we reproach God, God is greater than us.” He is the one who knows all.” He can see right through us, and he can read our emotions and secrets.

Psalm 40, 16 says, “But all who seek your help may rejoice and be glad in You; may those who yearn for your saving aid always say, “The Lord Is great!”

Jesus Christ, in John 14:26, said that he would leave you with a Comforter. Another way to refer to the Holy Spirit is as Comforter. He is our guide to Jesus. Jesus will not leave you alone, as we have said. He will be there to guide you and provide protection.

Psalm 23.1-6

“The Lord is my shepherd; I will not be without him. He leads me to green pastures. He takes me to still waters. He restores my soul. For his name’s sake, he leads me on paths of righteousness. Even though I am walking through the valley of shadows of death, I will not fear evil. Your rod and staff are my comforts. In the presence of my enemies, you prepare a meal for me; you oil my head; my kids house is full of toys doll house.

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