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Style Smart Trousers

How To Style Smart Trousers

Smart pants have become one of the most common casual styling options over the years. Since we started working from home, there has been a lot of talk about how smarter clothing pieces can be incorporated into everyday wear. We agree that the transition from sweatpants to a less casual pair of pants can be a bit questionable, but trust us, you will love it once you get into the habit of wearing smart trousers.

That is why we’ve put together this blog to fill you in on how you can wear men’s smart pants the casual way. While the cuts, details and patterns on trousers play a significant role to categorise them as casual or formal, you can still turn them around according to your preference. One must know where to get their fashion inspiration from and how to style one piece of clothing both ways: the casual and the formal. 

How To Style Smart Pants:

Here’s the thing, smart pants were created as formal pieces, perfectly suitable for smart occasions. However, the art of styling allows you to wear any formal piece of clothing like men’s skinny trousers in a casual way. You don’t have to limit your smart pants for formal occasions. Instead, you can opt for a more sustainable approach by wearing them in different ways. Each piece of clothing in your wardrobe can be worn for any occasion, i.e. if you accessorise and balance it by incorporating other elements in your OOTD.

Different styles, patterns and shapes are available in smart trousers that make them versatile. Introduce a smart pair of pants in your wardrobe for an interesting and all-around touch. Stick with the classic slim cut, or go for a captivating silhouette for a dressed down or statement look. For a more relaxed and casual approach, pair them up with everyday casuals like a front open hoodie or a long coat. This will create the perfect balance of smart and casual dressing. 

How To Make The Right Purchase:

A lot of people may not get this, but smart shopping doesn’t involve buying quantity. Cheap pair of smart pants tend to have the basic formal fit, which can not be incorporated into any outfit, making them less versatile. The bounded casual feel of a skinny fit does not provide an ideal contrast with other laid-back pieces, like hoodies and long sleeve shirts. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a good pair of pants that will fit any occasion and provide elevated versatility. 

Drawstring waistbands and a loose cut adds a sense of comfort in smart pants. This will make it more convenient to transform your choices and opt for smart pants instead of sweatpants for your everyday, work-from-home look. For a voguish effect, opt for muted patterns like a large check in dark colours or a houndstooth pattern. 

Adapt The Look For Casual Outfits:

The smart-casual spectrum should be balanced out by keeping each piece of your outfit on the two extremes. For example, pick an extremely casual shirt to go with men’s Style Smart Trousers. Smart trousers that are loosely fitted in addition to smart counterparts will provide a more relaxed appeal and will successfully create a perfect contrast between the smart and casual elements in your look. 

The term smart-casual dressing applies to outfits that are well-balanced, such as a dressed-down look with formal pieces. The key is to keep casual items super casual and incorporate pieces of smart clothing for an overall laid-back, but composed look. If you want to buy quality pants, visit Noir LDN for smart pants like houndstooth panels and runway trousers.  

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