How can Foreigners Buy the Best Property in Singapore?

How can Foreigners Buy the Best Property in Singapore?

Foreigners can buy the property as they can afford it. They can buy private and public property both with some restrictions.

Foreigners can easily buy property in Singapore. They can buy all types of properties in Singapore with some restrictions.  A person who is not a resident of a country is called Foreigner. They can purchase houses and apartments very easily with some restrictions.

A person who is not a resident, company of Singapore, a Singapore limited liability partnership, or Singapore society is considered a foreigner. In Singapore, such SPRs are considered a foreigner.

Non-residents can buy the following properties as under:

  • Private Houses and Apartments
  • Private ECs
  • Landed property in Sentosa Cova
  • Landed properties (with special permission from Singapore Authority)

Here are a few steps for foreigners to follow the purchase property in Singapore the under the Residential Property tax.

  1.  Foreigners who are residents for 5 years
  2. Affordable property
  3. Stamp duty 
  4. Additional stamp
  5. Applying for a Bank Loan
  6. Buying own property or engaging an agent
  7.  Hiring a Lawyer
  8. Check property listing
  1. 1:Foreigners who are resident for 5 years:

 Foreigners who are living in Singapore for the last 5 years can buy property in Singapore. They can buy houses and Apartments. They can purchase property under act 2005. 

2: Affordable Property:

A person who is living in Singapore can easily purchase the property. Singapore property is very less than the UK and USA property. A non-resident person can easily afford the property in Singapore.

3:Stamp duty 

A non-resident person who is living in Singapore pays the minimum property tax. He signs the document of documents, which is called stamp duty. When he buys property in Singapore.

Here are some Buyers Stamp Duty rates after 2018:

Purchase of Market Price Value of Property                 BSD Rates for Residential Property

On the first $180,000                                                                     1%

On the next $ 180,000                                                                    2%

            Next $ 640,000                                                                     3%

The remaining amount is                                                                4%

4:Additional Stamp Duty:

Foreigners are also required to pay the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) of 30%. When buying the property in Singapore. Now (ABSD) applies to property tax.

Here’s we can calculate the ABSD:

Profile of Buyers                                                                          Rates after 16 Dec 2021

Foreigners                          Any Property                                                        30%

Singapore Permanent 

Residents (SPR)            First Property                                                           5%

                                          Second Property                                                    25%

                                          Third Property                                                         30%

ABSD only Applies to those persons who are not residents of Singapore.

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5:Applying for a Bank Loan

            Foreigners can apply for bank loans in Singapore. They can borrow money from the 

            Bank to purchase the property in Singapore. They can approach any bank of  

                Singapore for a property loan.

6:Buying Own Property or engaging an agent:

    Foreigners can buy property by themselves or they can hire an agent to buy the property. If you

    have finance you can hire an agent to buy the property.

7:Hire a Lawyer:

 When Foreigners buy property in Singapore, they should hire a Lawyer. He or She will assist with the contract. A Lawyer can deal with documentation and financial issues of foreigners.

8:Check Property listing:

When Foreigners want to buy property in Singapore, they should check the property listing on the internet. They can see which property is at reasonable prices.


It is very easy to buy property in Singapore for foreigners. They can buy all the properties in Singapore. They can buy apartments, houses, and flats in Singapore. They can easily afford property in Singapore as compared to the USA, UK, and Canada. Property is much more expensive in these countries. If Foreigners want to buy Property in Singapore, they should take help from a property agent or lawyer.

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