Get Ultra-Booming WIFI via Linksys RE6300 setup

Want to switch to a new WIFI extender? Then must know once about Linksys range extender RE6300. It is an all-famous technology router with a Tri-Band facility. It is the second router having tri-Band technology and has impressed the users with its performance and dedicated Backhaul category that brings ultra-booming three times faster than its previous models with the Dual-Band category. Now put this all-new standard WIFI in your home and amuse your family and relatives with continuous WIFI signal strength to commute with the far away wireless devices in your entire house. 

Main features of Linksys RE6300 setup device

  • Ultra-Booming WIFI speed and range is the main feature of your Linksys RE6300 setup device.
  • It provides AC3000 WIFI speeds even to the Blue-Ray Disc players, smartphones, TV, and laptops. 
  • You can also pair it with the maximum stream routers in your house. 
  • It can compete with any WIFI router and ISP gateways. 
  • Spot-Finder technology will help you to find the best place for your range extender. 
  • You can do the setup with the installation by two methods. You can go for anyone you like.
  • One is to do via Push-button Connection, and the other is using a smart setup wizard. 

Linksys RE6300 setup as Extender mode

You can set up this range extender, either on extender mode or on the router model. Use a laptop, mobile, or a computer for configuration of the WIFI facility in your extender. There should be a Dual-Band router in your home to access the internet connection, along with its WIFI name and the passcode. Power on the router with a power adapter you must have got with this Linksys RE6300 WIFI extender. Plug one of the ends of this extender into the power socket, and plug the other end of this adapter into the power supplying board of your house. Linksys extender setup on Extender mode

  1. Place the extender about halfway from your router and other WIFI devices that you want to have a connection with your extender due to the weak or loose signal issue.
  2. You can seek help from the [Spot finder App]. It will guide you for your extender setup to the best location where it can get the perfect signals out of your router. 
  3. Using the Ethernet cable, you can connect the wireless devices with your extender into any of the ports at the back of your extender one out of four. 
  4. The LED light over this Linksys RE6300 AC3000 extender will turn Orange color. It shows that it is now ready to use and has perfectly connected to the WIFI network of your router. 
  5. A web browser will help you to get the web-based setup page of your extender. Use the Smart setup wizard at Addy search bar.
  6. If the Linksys RE6300 fails to find and detect the DHCP server, you can manually enter as the default IP address of your extender.
  7. You can see a web page on your screen carrying a message to click the Start Setup option. 
  8. You will get two options to set your WIFI extender after clicking the start setup button. 
  9. One of which is on extender mode, and the other is to set on the access point, click the option you want, and move next.
  10. If your WIFI router is on 2.4 GHz, then select the 2.4GHz band for your extender.

But, if your router is on the 5 GHz band, then your extender will go with the 5GHz band. The next screen will ask to enter the password and user ID. After that, go next. Change the password of your Linksys RE6300 setup and then save the modifications. 

In the end, you need to register your RE6300 to get future notifications and updates.

Linksys RE6300 setup on Access Point mode via 

Linksys extender setup enables the user to repeat the wireless signal of any access point or the router. Linksys RE6300 setup on access point mode provides you with the best and uninterrupted internet connectivity. It reaches the corners where your earlier router was unable to reach the wired or wireless connection. 

Linksys extender setup on Access Point mode

  1. Associate your computer to the range extender of RE6300 using the Ethernet cable.
  2. In the power outlet of your home, plug your range extender and let the LED light be solid Blue.
  3. Launch a web browser from your smart end device. 
  4. At the Addy, enter the IP address of the router or enter into the web interface using
  5. A window will pop in front of you, asking for your username and password. 
  6. The column asking for username should be left blank, and enter the ADMIN as your password for the router. 
  7. Then tap at login to log in to the web page of your router. Go to Wireless>Basic Settings.
  8. Set the radio button manually then you need to enter the Network name that is also called SSID.
  9. Visit the security section of Wireless Security. Here you should select the security setting that matches the configuration of your router. 
  10. Put the WEP key or your Passphrase and then save the settings by tapping at the SAVE key.

    Linksys RE6300 setup can support MAC filtering.

Yes! The RE6300 Linksys extender can easily support MAC filtering. To set the MAC filtering on your wireless extender, you have to set up the MAC filtering feature on your Linksys router as well. Are you allowing the MAC filtering to the extender only? Then you are allowing only the client devices to connect with your Linksys RE6300. But after that, you have to configure the MAC filtering on your router as well. 

To access the Linksys Extender Setup with your router, make sure the light on your RE6300 flashes strong Orange. If it is not flashing orange color, move your extender closure to the WIFI router. Seek help from the Spot Finder feature. If the other wireless clients are not able to connect with your WIFI extender, then you need to bring these devices closer to your extender. 

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