GD PI Preparation: Tips From Career Consultants

If you are looking forward to enhancing your career statement and seeking admission for MBA, then you must never ignore the importance of personal interview and group discussion. Read this article to know more about the preparation tips and tricks of personal interview and group discussion.

The personal interview and group discussion are two of the most essential steps in the process of admission for MBA. The best colleges providing MBA programs provide more attention on the personal interview and group discussion rounds about from the entrance examination score. Even an MBA college with low fees pays attention to group discussions and personal interviews as it helps the college to judge the entire ability of the candidates beginning from communication skills to knowledge about things around. A personal interview can be the best possibility to understand the candidates personal and close.

There are multiple management examinations for admission for MBA. Students take up career counselling before appearing for MBA entrance examinations because it can be tricky if the student does not get proper guidance.

You can also consider taking counselling from the top MBA admission consultant from Step Up Career. We provide two sessions at the minimum basis and maximum 8 for training for MBA programs. The sessions are at an affordable price costing rupees 500 for each session. The best part of this session is that if a candidate chooses the 8 sessions then he or she can get eligible for a discount of Rupees 500 in the total amount. So, do not wait any further because our consultants can provide the best education counselling so that you can crack the entrance examinations and land up in your dream college.

Group Discussion

The intention of group discussions is to appraise the ability of the candidate to category evaluate a particular piece of data and collectively work inside a group to come to a mutual solution or create a perspective. The analysis of the students is done on these criteria during the group discussion:

  •     Leadership skills
  •     Decision making skills
  •     Style of presentation
  •     Thought process
  •     Capability to analyse situations
  •     Group dynamics

Preparation Tips and Tricks

The student needs to go through newspapers on a regular basis particularly the business section for keeping themselves well updated with the current affairs. They should also continue reading multiple famous newspapers and magazines and must not overlook the editorial sections of newspapers as they can be helpful for all the group discussion and personal interview rounds. These are some of the points to take care of when preparing for group discussion.

  •     If you are provided with the factual topic, make sure to be sensible, provide a structure to the group discussion, consider the advantages and disadvantages, apply the best framework and be smart and crisp.
  •     Make sure to go through informative profiles and watch informative documentaries.
  •     Make sure to provide original points in group discussion and unit to stay clear and speak loud for making your point.
  •     If you come across a situation where you need to conclude the topic, then you need to keep all the points discussed in mind and summarise the entire thing with the ultimate common goal.

Above all, you can always take help from an MBA admission consultant as they can provide you with the entrance examination and admission process. The intention and objective of a GD is to apprise the ability of the aspirant and analyse the critical thinking ability on a given information piece. Business schools carry out GD rounds to discover whether the students have the qualities that are necessary to becoming the best manager. The reason behind this examination is when a group of candidates are given a task to accomplish within an unforeseen situation, they can try to do it by maintaining order or structure. It will help reveal the personality characteristics of the candidates.

Personal Interview

Personal interview is an essential round of the ultimate selection process for admission for MBA. It is a round carry doubt to test the communication in verbal skills of the student, the knowledge and presentation views along with presence of mind. Here are some of the things that will be tested during the personal interview when a candidate appears for the same.

  •     Interruptions
  •     Body language
  •     Verbal communication
  •     Personal introduction
  •     Content and eye contact

Tips for preparation

  •     The primary intention of a personal interview session with a student is to analyse whether the student comes with the skills and capability needed to successfully develop and pursue a career in management.
  •     You can excel at personal interviews through relentless practice because there are no shortcuts and practice can make you perfect in each of the aspects.
  •     You need to be detailed when it comes to your academics particularly the subjects in your specialisation area.
  •     You can consult with an MBA admission consultant regarding the question and nature of the topics and what can be expected from you, as a student.
  •     Like group discussion, you need to go through TV news, read newspapers and magazines for personal interviews regarding the enhancement of your knowledge about current affairs.
  •     Every student must highlight they are great and certificates along with extra curricular activities that can help them stand out from others.
  •     The best option will be framing opinions of the most essential events that have happened or are happening around the globe.
  •     Check out case studies in multiple newspapers, books and magazines because a personal interview may involve case study related questions.

One of the most essential things about mastering personal interview and group discussion is to remain confident while answering the questions throughout the rounds. The best option would be taking career counselling and talking with a consultant that can help you prepare perfectly for current affairs and personal interviews so that your performance does not get affected. It is essential to be confident, honest and thorough for a positive selection in the group discussion and personal interview rounds. Only a professional consultant can help you master all of these.

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