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Everything You Need To Know About (Vps) Virtual Private Servers

A cutting-edge hosting solution is what keeps your website functional without hindrance. Remember, your website is an essential business tool.

And a slight negligence in this area could influence your site’s overall performance, putting a question mark on your credibility as a business owner.

That’s why there’re different hosting plans available. These plans help you launch your website on the internet.

A hosting solution works as a rented space on a physical server. It keeps website related data and files stored, so it runs 24/7.

There’re other hosting options, but today we’ll be exploring Virtual Private Server.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual private server or VPS uses virtualization technology to make dedicated or private resources, available on the server, accessible to users.

VPS accommodates more than one user on a single Cheap Dedicated Server.

Compare it with the shared hosting in terms of security and stability, you’ll find it a better option than the shared hosting.

If your website doesn’t require an entire server, VPS, being a small-scale and reasonable option can work for you.

For the websites with moderate traffic that have crosses the limits that shared hosting provides, VPS can be the game changer.

You can even find plans that cater to your business requirements and enable your website to scale, within the VPS hosting.

The Functionality of a Virtual Private Server

In VPS, you share the server with a bunch of users, but get the experience of the Cheap Dedicated Server hosting.


It uses virtualization technology to install a virtual layer on the top of the operating system (OS). This server further divides into different compartments using virtual walls.

VPS also keeps your files or data private from other users on the server, allowing your website to function within a safe and secure environment with resources, including:

  • Disk space
  • CPU cores
  • Memory

Virtual Private Servers Pros and Cons

Like other hosting solutions, VPS also comes with a set of following advantages or disadvantages.


  • It performs better than the shared hosting in terms of speed and reliability.
  • VPS resources, such as processing power or memory are less likely to fluctuate.
  • Technical problems or sudden traffic surges don’t influence your site.
  • Comes with an access to superuser (root).
  • Ensure better privacy by keeping files and databases private from other users
  • It enables you to scale according to your requirements.


  • An expensive hosting option than shared hosting.
  • Technical literacy is required to configure VPS.
  • Not configuring servers in the right way can pose a threat to security.

Different Types of Virtual Private Servers

VPS has different types and they come in managed and unmanaged plans.

Let’s elaborate these types further.

Managed VPS

If you aren’t technically literate or has smaller workforce, managed VPS can do the job for you. It keeps you free from extra work and make your server run in the right direction.

Depending on your hosting provider, you should expect the following:


It’ll be your host’s responsibility to keep an eye on the apps and OS updates. More so, your host should also perform required server settings.

Server Setup

Debuting your website with VPS requires you to follow a few following steps to setup the server:

  • OS and app installation
  • Control panel installation
  • Server software installation

When you sign the contract with the managed host, installing or setting up the server won’t be your job.

Automated Backups

Automated backups are great! Because if a disaster strikes or website comes across a potential threat, you can recover and get it back to its previous version with the help of automated backups.

Security Patches

Since it’s a full-fledged hosting option, you’ll get OS and core server software installed and updated, too.


In the case of malicious attack or hardware failure, the host will notify you earlier to lower the risk of any potential damage.

Unmanaged VPS

The unmanaged VPS plan requires you to install OS and manage various aspects of the server:

  • Lookout for software updates, install software and control panel.
  • Keep tabs on error messages, security patches and threats.
  • Lookout for an outage or hardware failure, as your host won’t provide any support.
  • Perform server maintenance and configuration along with any upgrades you want.
  • Work on websites backup solutions.

When to Switch to a Virtual Private Server?

It’s natural to ask questions like what is the right time to make a concrete decision and move to a better and improved hosting plan – VPS.

The answer is when your professional website outgrows the resource limits of the shared hosting, you can think about moving to VPS.

Remember, virtual private server comes with benefits similar to shared and dedicated hosting.

And if you’re starting out or are a beginner in the field, it’s a good idea to begin with VPS.

For example, if you’re starting an online clothing and accessories boutique, you’ll need to setup a reliable and stable payment environment.

In such a scenario, VPS can benefit you by lowering the risks, such as security breaches.

On the flipside, product and service websites experience sudden spike in traffic during the holiday season.

If you run one of those websites, you can also take advantage from VPS Singapore.

Be it a game server or resource-heavy site, VPS has the required features and capabilities to accommodate you while maintaining the privacy you deserve.

Bottom Line

With built-in resources and complete control, VPS surely lowers additional burden that comes with running a professional website.

Its interesting benefits surely make it a top-tier solution for websites with varying volumes of traffic or resources.

As a small business owner, if you’re aiming to grow your business and site further, you can also benefit from this reliable and safe hosting plan.

In fact, its business-friendly environment without costing additional budget, makes it a perfect web hosting plan.

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