Benefits Of Obtaining CAPM Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) are highly respected. The CAPM Certification in Berlin is intended to ensure the proper skills in project management and knowledge is properly infused into the project leaders. Anyone who holds the PMP certificate have the title of the Project Manager. This certification is a mark of the professionalism of Project Management. PMP guidelines are developed to assess knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Accreditation by a Project Management program certification by any reputable University or school is crucial as it can enhance your market value as you progress. This can be beneficial for your future career advancement and growth.

Below are the benefits expected for those who have a well-known project management certification?

It Will Result In A Greater Market Value.

Typically, your qualification degree and work experience are two of the main factors that affect your salary as a project consultant or Project manager. In addition, having the project management certification to your resume can enhance the market value for you. Many organizations are now recognizing the value of this ability and, consequently, have made it the requirement to recruit Project consultants and project manager. This qualification could result in an increase of 15%-30 percent of the base salary.

Opens Doors to New Clients

Being certified makes some difference in getting potential clients to visit you. It is also an important factor in clients to decide whether or not to choose you over a contractor or freelancer. This is no surprise that there a triple growth in certified project managers in the recent years.

Offers International Recognition

A PMI certification is highly accepted by International standards. It is the key to International recognition, and also to be competitive by a global standard. Professionals who are CAMP certified are trendy. Many businesses have inflated their salaries to hire people with the proper qualifications to be the project manager or manager. It’s even better to have someone who is PMI certified in the same way.

Establishes Credibility

Anyone who has received certification as a Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification, it is proof that they have demonstrated the capacity to apply knowledge, skills and qualities as a Manager, utilizing established guidelines. Certified professionals are also require to adhere to an accepted industry ethical code and conduct in a professional manner. Being PMP certified indicates a higher level of professionalism and expertise that increases one’s credibility as a prospective consultant for a project.

Keep Your Head Above The Rest Of Your Competition

There is a lot of competition between the competitors and it’s very hard to maintain a competitive edge of the other players on the market. Professional qualifications that are advance. Seeking constant guidance from your university instructors and professors helps provide you with the necessary details and understanding.

This Can Lead To Higher Pay And Promotions Faster

Despite the decline in the employment market, lately, the need to hire Project Managers grown dramatically. According to the most recent research the number of jobs available is 20% more job openings that PMP/CAPM certified professionals. This is an excellent opportunity for project managers who possess the PMP/CAPM credential. Achieving this certificate could result in at least 10% to 20% increase in compensation, based on the field one is working in.

Recognized By The World And Top Corporations

The PMP/CAPM certification is recognize by a variety of top organizations. Apply in these programs in order to earn these certificates to compete against their competitors and counterparts.

Below are the 6 levels of Cognition. They are accompanied by some questions that one could ask themselves to assess one’s own the level of readiness.

Knowledge Level

Are you able to recall or identify the terms. Definitions, facts ideas, concepts, materials patterns, sequences, techniques or principles and such?

Comprehension Level

Are you able to read and comprehend the descriptions, communications, reports tables, diagrams and directions, regulations, and the like?

Application Level

Do you know the best ways to utilize concepts, techniques strategies formulas, concepts theories and more?

Analysis Level

Are you able to break down information into its components?

See connections between the components and the ways  arranged?

Can you discern sub-level elements or important data in an intricate scenario?

Evaluation Level

Prepared to evaluate the merits of ideas such as solutions.

Do you have a plan to create an idea that meets certain standards or criteria?

Synthesis Level

Are you able to put together the elements or parts so to reveal the pattern or structure. Not seen before?

Do you know which of the details or data from a large set of data should be studied further. From which logical conclusions drawn?

Beginning at the beginning. A a fundamental understanding of the subject acquired. They progress through various levels similar to building blocks, up to the Synthesis level.

The “building block” approach entails repeating the material several times. A bit learned every time. Enhancing the understanding of the subject.¬† You can only gain knowledge on every visit to the material. As knowledge increases and depth of understanding one’s mind. Become prepared and ready for newer and deeper understanding of the material every time.

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