A Major Playground: How to Build One

When looking to build a playground for your kids, it is important to consider several factors. One of the most common is the cost of the equipment. A major playground can last for many years. It is also important to consider safety and accessibility. Having a 메이저놀이터in your community can help your kids enjoy themselves and get the exercise they need.

Benefits of a major playground

A major playground upgrade is an excellent way to encourage kids to play outside more often, especially during recess. It also helps children to interact with their peers. Unfortunately, kids, these days don’t spend nearly as much time outside as they used to, spending only thirty minutes outdoors on average each day.

The playground provides opportunities for children to practice gross motor skills and strengthen their balance and coordination. Developing these skills is an important part of growing up and learning about the world. Climbing and other equipment help develop grasping and eye-hand coordination. Kids also build core strength on playground equipment. They are also more likely to remain active as adults.

Major playgrounds are also great places to bring communities together, which fosters social interaction. Children spend time playing with other kids and parents, which allows them to develop communication skills and foster community spirit.

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Accessibility of major playground surfaces is an important consideration in the design and construction of children’s play areas. Surface materials for playgrounds should meet or exceed applicable accessibility standards. Certain surface materials require less maintenance than others, while others require daily or weekly attention. The frequency of maintenance depends on the material used and the number of users. It is important to ensure that maintenance crews are trained on accessibility standards and appropriate materials for playgrounds.

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination based on disability. It also ensures equal access for all people. This act outlines accessibility standards for public buildings, including playgrounds. These standards are legally binding and can be enforced in a federal court of law. In addition to playground accessibility standards, playground equipment and facilities must be safe and accessible for all visitors.

Jonathan’s Dream, a playground developed by Amy and Peter Bar Zach, is a shining example of a playground that is inclusive for everyone. Their company, Boundless Playgrounds, aims to provide accessible play spaces for children with and without disabilities. Their playground sets an example for other companies and products. They demonstrate that accessibility is inclusive by design and must be a constant process of improvement for the benefit of all users.

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