Email has gone a long way since its introduction. Over the years, many of its original functions have been taken over by different apps, notably instant messengers and task management tools.

However, to this day, emails remain a powerful tool and the first line of communication for many businesses.

Not to mention that email marketing is the cheapest way of advertising and also the most efficient, when done the right way. The key is in using email in an unexpected yet efficient way while adhering to the golden rule of stellar subject lines and content. Let’s take a quick look!


Benefits of Digital Marketing

Do you know that marketing is definitely about connecting to the right target of people? Yeah, you need digital marketing because the world is globally connected through the internet. You can effectively utilize marketing tools to reach out to readily available individuals to patronize you. Well, let’s consider some benefits that accrue to digital marketing.

  • It’s straightforward and more accessible to learn
  • Ensures successful marketing by reaching out to the right section of people
  • Digital Marketing is cost-effective
  • Helps you retain customers and attract potential customers by constant engagement
  • Promotes brand awareness and credibility
  • Generates much more income than regular jobs

Of course, one of the most popular forma of digital marketing that’s widely accepted and currently trending in the global market is email marketing. Email marketing is a way through which you can construct emails that you can send to a list of subscribers to ensure that they are continuously patronizing you and you can retain them. For instance, you can use eCommerce SMS email marketing to directly engage customers so they can come across your message and gain an edge over business competition in the industry. There are different email examples that you can use, and they include promotional emails, welcoming new customer emails, surveying emails and upselling emails.

Now that you’re familiar with the good things email marketing can do for your brand, let’s explore some of the lesser-known reasons that email is still serving its purpose.


1. Promoting Your Business’ Favorites

Sending an email to promote your favorites to new subscribers is a good way to recycle content and keep adhering to your business promise and quality statement. You can also promote popular choices based on insights.

The majority of new subscribers are interested in learning more about your business. This curiosity can be curated to upgrade these subscribers into loyal customers over time.

One good strategy to do this is to send an email promoting five products similar to the one a subscriber is interested in (use insights).


2. Instant Follow-Ups

One way to make a difference with your email marketing campaigns is to grab opportunities as they pop up. I.e., when a significant event takes place, you can (and should!) follow up with an email.

Let’s say you’re selling T-shirts and a celebrity appears on TV wearing one. This is a perfect opportunity to follow up with an email to boost the popularity of the product.

To be able to do this timely and efficiently, however, you’ll need to have a pre-prepared template (or more than one). Another way is to write a couple of emails in advance and adjust them to fit the occasion.

An example of an alternative email may be a CD seller preparing a couple of emails promoting different artists, one of which is to win the upcoming Grammy Awards.


3. Creative Announcements

Boosting people’s excitement is a good way to go about promotions. Use insights to create a series of promotional emails revolving around upcoming products to boost their popularity.

Remember that when you know the preferences of your audience, customizing campaigns to build anticipation is a piece of cake.

E.g., an email announcing an upcoming product launch is a great idea. The email should target your existing customers and the aim should be to expose a new product and increase traffic to your website.

The same approach can be efficient for feature releases, say, updates and variations of the products you know your customers like.


4. Changing Circumstances

Keep an eye on changing circumstances. In fact, this is the greatest chance for your business to stand out. A great many businesses send automated messages, which never make an impact. Be different! Grab each opportunity.


5. Testimonials

The toy shops online office’s Managment has very strong views that testimonials are a powerful tool, but not many businesses use them to their full potential. Email is a perfect medium to deliver testimonials and reviews, but make sure you don’t send them at random.

Pick trusted reviewers rather than relying on paid reviews, which should only be reserved for experienced marketers.

Testimonials can be used in a multitude of ways. Sending an email just for the sake of sending it is not the best of ideas, but an auto-respond message featuring chosen testimonials is a way to go.

The timing of these emails is important. You can send them when a new product is about to be launched or when promotions are in full swing, for example.


6. Use Transactional Emails

Transactional emails generate 6 times more revenue and get 8 times more clicks than other email types. In fact, for all the benefits of email marketing, transactional emails have higher engagement rates than marketing emails.

The basic purpose of a transactional email is to expedite a transaction that was previously agreed upon by the client. As such, transactional emails should NOT be used for advertising. A transactional email should include only the relevant information, without promoting your business.

Another difference between a transactional email and a marketing email is that for the first there is no unsubscribe option. Simply put, the service cannot be canceled. This increases your business’ presence and should not be (mis)used for promotional purposes.

The most common transactional emails include shipping notifications, order confirmation, delivery confirmation, password reset, and legal update emails.


Key Takeaways

Emails are, as we all know, as you can see, a rather powerful business tool and a mighty communication channel. With these two functionalities combined, your business can really make an impact and build on its email strategy.

Think up your options beforehand, though, especially for transactional emails, or options like abandoned cart messages.

Lastly, always ensure data security for the best results.

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